Respite Services

Respite Services allows caregivers to take some time for themselves without having to worry about their loved one. Our respite services are customized to the individuals needs. 

Errands/Light House Work/ Meal Preparation Services

Le​arn Valuable Life Skills

Maintaining Personal Needs

Safety Awareness

Traveling Within the Community

Achieving Self-Awareness

Growing in Self-Confidence

Communication Skills

Demonstrating Appropriate Habits and Behaviors

Build Interpersonal Relationships

Exercise Compassion

Be Patient

Use Encouragement

Be an Active Listener (observer)

Do What the Client Loves

Show Respect

Be Consistent

Access To The Community

We've taken our clients to places like Jungle Cat World, Reptilia, Nebs Fun World, Movies, The Zoo, Mini Golfing, Bowling, The Royal Winter Fair and Ripley's Aquarium. 

please contact us if you wish to discuss these services more in detail